40-Ton Whale Was Just Filmed Jumping Completely Out Of The Water, And The Video Is Going Viral

We all know that animals love to play, but we wouldn’t exactly expect it from 40 Ton Humpback Whale. Well, anything it’s possible and don’t let her size fool you, she may be big but apparently she’s as nimble as a dolphin.

Just imagine the amount of power that is required to propel an animal this huge from the water and several feet into the air. This is so awe-inspiring I’m lost for words. The big girl was showing her best moves and the audience was definitely impressed. She even demonstrated her backstroke style, slapping both left and right fins on the water and I am sure she even waved them at the end of this video.

What an incredible experience it must have been being able to witness this in person.

I already did
I already did