After 9 Years In Puppy Mill, Dog Gets Very Own Bed! Watch Her Reaction.

Little things in life make it worth living and we sometimes forget how lucky we are until we see what others, less fortunate, are going through. Videos, like the one you are going to see, make you appreciate what you have in life, how ever little it is. This story brought tears to my eyes.

Delilah was rescued from the puppy mill, where she spent nine years in a wire cage, where she didn’t know love, cuddles and warmth. After being rescued she was brought into a shelter and given her very first dog bed. Seeing her happiness and excitement as she felt softness for the first time is priceless.

UPDATE: Delilah was adopted soon after this video came out. She now lives with 4 adopted fur-siblings, she loves treats, belly rubs and starts every day with cuddles.

I already did
I already did