A Horse Takes Off Running In The Snow – Now Keep Your Eye On The Dog

Rita the horse and Ball the puppy are best friends, and they both love snow almost as much as they love each other! So when the first snowfall of the year hits, the pair had to go out and have some fun.

As they run back and forth through the white fluff, you can see that the duo share an unspoken bond. Even though they are different species entirely, they still find a way to have fun together. Since she’s a horse, Rita can handle the cold incredibly well, and since Ball is a Shiba Inu, he’s built for the snow too. This is the weather they’re made for!

Horses and dogs have a long history of working together. Many breeds of dogs are actually designed to herd horses and cattle across vast stretches of land. So over hundreds of years, these animals have evolved to be more compatible than anyone could’ve ever imagined. Both species are incredibly intelligent and can understand human commands perfectly, so it comes as no surprise that they are two peas in a pod when left to their own devices!

I already did
I already did