Adorable Beagle Just Learned He Can Howl, And It Doesn’t Get Much Cuter Than This!

Experiencing the world and making your mark in it for the first time is as adorable as it is important for every baby. First words, first steps, first smile are important milestones in everyone’s life. For baby dogs it’s their first barks or howls or whatever you want to call this sound of adorableness. Since our pets are like kids to us, we are so proud to share this with the world.

Cooper, the cutest Beagle ever, discovered that he can howl, which is a pretty big deal, so his mom grabbed a camera to filmed this extraordinary new skill. Did I mention that this pooch is only 8 weeks old and that he does this only on command? Yeah, that’s right!

Enjoy and share it with your friends.

I already did
I already did