Baby Elephant Ventures Too Close To Tourists — Mother Reacts Fast & Teaches A Valuable Lesson

Tell me, just how many times you heard your mother saying: “Don’t talk to strangers?” It’s a valuable lesson because when you are a kid everybody is your friend and it doesn’t ever cross your mind that not everyone has good intentions. Youngsters are fearless and that’s the part of their adorableness, but mothers are the ones who worry for the both of you.

Babies are pretty much the same throughout the animal kingdom. They’re inquisitive, curious and often get themselves in trouble. Fortunately all moms share the same role, to teach their younglings what’s safe and what’s not and as much as I love elephants, this mama absolutely did the right thing. It’s amazing how her behavior reminds me of humans.

The footage was taken near Malelane in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The tourists were filming the elephant and her calf crossing the road when suddenly the little one decided to inspect the onlookers and started walking towards them. That is when the incredible thing happened.

The big momma knew only too well that humans mean danger and immediately prevented her baby from coming closer to the people. They might have been just harmless tourists but next time it could be a hunter standing there. The lesson was learned and they continued going their way.

If this baby never met another human in his life he could consider himself happy, but considering the pace we’re invading elephants’ habitat I suspect he’ll have plenty of opportunities to use the lesson learned here. Amazing mother!

I already did
I already did