She’s Never Seen A Horse Before – When She Turns Around Her Reaction Stole Mom’s Heart

A one-year-old baby is given the opportunity to play with a miniature horse in her own backyard. Watch as the two enjoy each other’s company.

Horses are often thought of as whimsical creatures, especially to children. In fact, many kids dream of these four-legged animals – and would give anything to be able to interact with one. In the video, we see a little girl who receives the ultimate experience, a horse to play with in her own backyard. And it’s not just any horse…it’s a miniature breed that is exactly her size. Wow, talk about a dream come true!

The blonde-haired toddler picks berries as the horse stands and nuzzles its head on her shoulder. She then begins to run around and giggle, with the horse following close behind. It is the cutest game of tag EVER! She then pets the horse, while Mom reminds her to be gentle. It’s fortunate that Dad has his camera with him to capture the experience. After all, it’s a day that she’ll want to remember for the rest of her life!

I already did
I already did