Adorable Baby Tasmanian Devil Falls In Love And Wont Stop Chasing His Keeper

Contrary to what Looney Toons had you believe, Tasmanian Devils are not turning into little tornadoes when they run, LOL.

Other than that, if you read their Wikipedia page it seems they got the rest of it spot on. “Muscular build, extremely loud and disturbing screech, ferocity when feeding”, that sounds like Taz to me.

It may all be true for adult specimens, but this Tasmanian Devil baby is something else.

The video was shared by Tim Faulker, a keeper at Devil Ark, a free-range facility in New South Wales. On 13 acres of land, Devil Ark looks to protect Tasmanian devils from extinction.

Tim shared the video of the little joey getting his belly rubbed and running after his keeper to raise awareness for the decline in the species.

I already did
I already did