Bird Approaches Farmer Asking For Help. When I Realized What She Wants, I Was STUNNED!

I’m not really an expert in gardening or farm work, but I don’t think this is supposed to happen. This guy was just doing some yard work when all of a sudden, as if he was a Disney princess, a wild baby robin approached him.

At first I thought it was a domesticated bird but pay close attention. The little guy saw the human was exposing a lot of dirt and where’s dirt he hoped there’s bound to be a few delicious worms and bugs.

And then the man spotted something between the two lumps of dirt. As if the bird what he was saying, he immediately started investigating the spot. What’s so incredible about it is how close he got to a human and the heartwarming interaction between the two.

He must have been so hungry he didn’t even care the big man was holding a big pointy tool in his hands. Well we hope you had a nice lunch, little birdie.

If this unlikely pair of friends put smile on your friends, pass it on and spread some happiness.

I already did
I already did