Blind Dachshund Learns To Paint, Saves Fellow Rescue Dogs With Artwork

As it often happens, Hallie the Dachshund discovered her talent and love for painting after being bored one day. It was snowing outside so walks were out of the question, so her mom Dee Dee Murry, an artist herself, gave her a painting brush. From day one, the lovely pooch embraced her new skill, but what started out as a gimmick would end up saving not only her life, but lives of countless rescue dogs.

After suddenly going blind, Hallie became noticeably depressed, she didn’t enjoy doing anything… until mom led her to her painting station. She immediately started painting as if nothing happened and that’s when the most prolific period in her art began. After Dee Dee decided to sell some of her art to help shelter dogs around the country the story went viral.

Unfortunately, the dog artist passed away in late 2014 after 14 precious puppy years, but her art and her legacy lives on. We share this in Hallie’s memory.

I already did
I already did