Breeder Was Going To Throw Out “Defective” Puppy Until This Happens

It’s the reality of dog breeding. When you breed them just so you can sell them, having one puppy that no one wants to buy is an expensive burden.

Willow, a Neapolitan Mastiff pup was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, a congenital defect that made her unable to stand on her own. The breeder posted on social media that he was going to throw her out but one AMAZING woman stepped in before it was too late.

The puppy a breeder called “defective” was in bad shape. She wasn’t able to stand or walk on her own, she had a flat chest and her limbs were splayed out like a turtle “swimming”. Usually the puppies with this condition don’t live for too long, but it’s mainly because they’re euthanized by breeders who can’t make profit off them. The therapy exists and with a bit of love, they can overcome that hurdle

Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California gave Willow much more than just love. She enlisted the help of a Swimmer Puppy therapist and the progress this adorable fur baby made was just outstanding.

I would take Willow in a heartbeat, “defective” or healthy, she’s just gorgeous.

I already did
I already did