Clever Cockatoo Does His Best To Fit In With The Cats

These cats were having a meeting of a sort apparently, but unbeknownst to them they had an impostor in their ranks. This clever white bird learned the language of his enemies and was able to infiltrate their HQ, lol. I think the cats knew something was off there but couldn’t put their paw on it.

Personally, I find it really interesting that this cockatoo learned a language other than human, and not only did he learn it, judging by the cats’ reaction the bird is fluent at it. As far as these kitties are concerned, this is just a very strange looking cat rather than a meowing bird.

Come to think of it, Cockatoos can mimic sounds so well they can fool us humans, and we’re supposed to be the intelligent ones. What chance do cats have?

Who knows, we think it’s amusing when they speak, but maybe those are just their attempts to pass as humans. We’re just too good at looking past their disguise. Cats… I think they were fooled.

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I already did
I already did