Cockatoo Sees Dad Coming Home From Work. What He Does Next Is Adorable Beyond Belief!

I know that dogs anxiously wait for their owners to come home so they could throw themselves into their embrace, and I also know that their majesties, the cats, couldn’t care less whether their human servants are home or not, but what about the birds? Have you ever thought about how cockatoos welcome their humans home?

I don’t know about other cockatoos, but this one is so adorable had I not seen this on video I wouldn’t have believed it. You can see his excitement when he spotted dad through a window, but watch what happened when he entered the house. Unbelievable.

Cockatoos have some traits that makes them so much more affectionate than you may think. First, they can literally fly into your arms and on top of that they can be taught to verbally communicate their excitement.

When you have a bird as smart as the cutie in this video it all comes together in a beautiful welcome.

From the moment this bird saw his human dad approach the house, he got so excited all he could do is squawk and walk up and down in excitement, but it’s when he finally came through that front door that blew me away. Immediately he perched himself up on his finger before relaxing completely on his back, enjoying all the kisses.

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I already did
I already did