Dancer Lays On The Floor And Waits. When The Music Starts, Keep Your Eyes On The Dog…

This is not the first time we shared a video of a well-trained dog, but it’s definitely the most beautiful one. Lizzy’s trainer Sandra wonderfully incorporated her training into her own dancing choreography and the result is just stunning.

They competed in the OEC Dogdance Freestyle competition and as they were getting ready for their routine, there was nothing that set them apart from all the other contestants. And then it began.

First the music Sandra picked, a soundtrack from the animated movie The Last Unicorn, struck a nostalgic note with every audience member who had the privilege to watch this live. What they saw on that stage only enhanced the magic.

Keep an eye on Lizzy and her incredible moves as she follows Sandra’s cues to deliver this awesome dance performance.

It’s as if they understood each other perfectly and the music they dance to flawlessly complements their moves.

If you’re as amazed as we are, let us know in the comment section.

I already did
I already did