Guy Tries To Work, But Look What Runs Out From Behind The Speaker. SOOOO Adorable.

Oh man, these desktop toys are getting more and more advanced… and increasingly adorable too. The little fur ball lurking from behind the monitor is Ozzy, the adorable rescue baby weasel who resides with this guy and makes sure his day is never too productive. I mean who could work with this hyperactive cutie jumping about?

If you’ve never heard of a weasel being kept as a pet there’s a good reason for it… They don’t like being indoors and they’re not that friendly when they’re hungry. Ozzy is there only temporarily until he’s old enough to get reintroduced into the wild.

Too bad we can’t keep them as pets, but no one can stop us sharing Ozzy’s adorable shenanigans. LOVE THIS.

I already did
I already did