I Thought I Had Seen Everything …Then I Found This Video Of A Dog And Crow Playing Ball

We know that animals love to play, it takes a big portion of their day and it’s a very important part for their appeal. This video shows one amazing story though and completely unexpected friendship between a dog and a crow. It’s completely unbelievable.

The crow was rescued when it was just a little chick and it didn’t have anyone to take care of it. So this guy took in the poor crow baby and his dog got a new best friend. When it was old enough to fly it flew away but continued to come back every day to play with its buddy. Their favorite toy is a ping pong ball and the way they play with it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The crow’s got some good soccer moves and it’s as if it’s saying to the pup:” Come on, throw me the ball”!

It’s simply adorable!

I already did
I already did