Dog Overcome With Emotion When She Reunites With Dad After Months Apart

If there’s still anyone who doesn’t believe that animals have emotion, just show them this heartwarming video. They say that the best part of the day is coming home to a wagging tail, but when it’s your first time home in months it only makes it extra special.

After several months apart, Freya the German Shepherd Dog is so overwhelmed with emotion when she is finally reunited with her human she can’t stop crying with happiness.When the time came for Freya’s human to finally see his beloved pup, his family knew what had to be done. They had him hide behind the door and turned the camera on.

Freya took one look at her dad and completely lost it, whining, wagging her tail and trying to get as close to him as she possibly could. At several points, Freya got so drained from all the emotion she had to pause to catch her breath, only to start whining in excitement all over again!

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I already did
I already did