Guy Takes Black Lab Out In Snow, Burst Out Laughing When They See His Hilarious New Hobby

Winter sucks if you’re not a fan of shoveling driveways, but if you’re a kid (or a dog) winter is awesome. This dad wanted to film his family and dog playing in the snow, but the Black Lab named Rafi totally stole the show.

He discovered for the first time how slippery the show can be and made use of its unique property in the most amazing way possible. There’s something entrancing about sliding down a hill of snow, and this black Lab agrees wholeheartedly.

Luckily, the property they were playing at has a long slope. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that slope plus snow equals tons of fun, no matter if you’re a human or a fun loving Lab.

It doesn’t matter Rafi’s not really equipped for sledding, he can’t steer and making that transition from running to sliding is a bit awkward. The important thing is that he’s having a blast.

It puts into perspective how much we’ve forgotten how to have fun, and to enjoy the simple things.

Watch as this adorable dog body slides down a snow covered hill. Looks like the little guy knows how to have fun! WATCH it BELOW:

I already did
I already did