When This Dog Is Commanded To Play Dead, He Does So In A Hilarious Fashion!

Play dead is one of the basic commands a dog learns, but the way Baily Beagle does it is so unique and hilarious it earned him and his owner a guest spot at Letterman’s.

I must say, I was little suspicious at first. A dog who plays dead, it surely can’t be THAT funny. All it takes is a little bit of patience, practice and a handful of treats and every dog could learn it. Baily got it so right however, that it got the legendary show host’s seal of approval so I stuck around till the end.

As if he was learning from the best method actors in the world, the adorable pooch perfected his craft so flawlessly, he can get “in character” in seconds. Most other dogs at least need the floor or some other hard surface to act out their dramatic “death”… Not this pup, though. He delivers his Oscar worthy performance on the spot.

As soon as he hears the command, he just flops down in his owners arms. This has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen a dog do in awhile. I can’t believe I missed it back when it originally aired.

I ended up laughing so loud my dogs must think I’m crazy. Letterman said that Beagles are snarky….well DUH! Who doesn’t know that beagles are made of snark? Snark, fur, and love!

I already did
I already did