Dog Walks Into A Store On Christmas Day. What The Camera Caught Him Doing? Nooo Way!

As much as Christmas shoppers make profit for store owners and supermarket chains, it’s the most lucrative time of the year for shoplifters too. However, the store management and the authorities were more than happy to let this Christmas day theft go unpunished.

It was a regular busy morning when one unusual shopper entered this store. Guided not by discount prices, but by his own sense of smell he immediately went for the good stuff and made a swift getaway.

The audacious (and adorable) “criminal” didn’t even care he had to go pass dozens of shoppers and was even confronted by the store manager. The police informed the public that there was a robber on the loose, describing him as three foot tall, hairy with a big nose. Anyone who sees him is advised not to disturb him enjoying his loot.

Even though the whole heist was caught on security cameras, no charges were pressed. 🙂

I hope this dog has a very merry Christmas

I already did
I already did