Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking Until The Police Officer Followed Him Down The Street

Be kind to animals, they may end up saving your life.

That’s exactly what happened to this dog owner. John Boy is a black Lab who ended up with Krystal after being adopted and returned to the shelter by 3 different families. When Police officer Jeff Gonzalez saw him wandering around the city he thought he ran away from home, but that’s when John started barking and signaling the officer to start following him.

On the house’s front porch, Jeff spotted a woman, who was unconscious. She laid completely still on a chair, with her pajamas on – even though it was past morning already. Her lips were also blue from the cold. At first, Jeff thought that she had frozen to death, but she wasn’t. Jeff acted quickly and brought the woman into the house for warmth – he also dialed 911 for an ambulance.

The woman was named Krystal, and her dog was John Boy. John Boy ran off to fetch help for his owner, and stumbled across Jeff.

Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of both John Boy and Jeff, Krystal’s life was saved. Krystal is now fully recovered after a short hospitalization period, and credits her dog and the officer for saving her life!

Everything happens for a reason. Krystal saved his life so he could save hers

I already did
I already did