Dad Tells Dog He Bought A Kitten. Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Dog’s Comeback!

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? It’s no secret that most dog owners regularly talk to their dogs…they’re some of our best friends, after all!

But imagine a world in which our beloved pups could respond back and keep the conversation going.

Dogs are pretty much just like humans. When it comes to little fluffy kittens, they just can’t resist them. Well at least Clyde here can’t. He was waiting patiently while dad went to the pet store to get him a special surprise and when he came back, the excitement over what he got him was too funny.

Rather than watching his facial expressions, make sure you have the sound ON for this one. This puppy’s dad decided to film his dog’s reaction and he gave the entire thing a spin with a hilarious voice-over. It has gone viral and it’s easy to understand why!

It’s definitely not something you hear every day. If you liked this video we shared a while back, you’ll LOVE Clyde.

I already did
I already did