Donkey Cries Out For People To Save Her Wounded Baby – Watch When Her Request Is Answered!

Human or donkey, a mother is a mother.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, got a call about a baby donkey who had been attacked by another animal. The poor little donkey was covered in bites, and her wounds were severe.

It’s a miracle this little burro survived the attack as her wounds were deep. The shock would have been enough to kill her, but she didn’t give up. Her mom called for help, while the baby held on for dear life.

A local woman nearby heard her mom’s cries and went to check it out. She found Genevieve, the foal, in a great deal of pain. She thought she wouldn’t survive. But then her friend told her to call Animal Aid India. The rescue team arrived soon enough and they tried their best to save her.

Immediately it was clear the rescue workers had to work fast if she was to live. They first tried to get her to a vet, but the foal’s mom just wouldn’t let them take Genevieve away from her.

They did for her what medical workers would do for any mom of an injured child – they let her come along. Eventually, it looks like she understood that her baby was finally in safe hands. Who knows what would have happened to the little girl if it wasn’t for the urgent rescue!

Watch the amazing progress this little donkey made since her bite wounds were treated. I don’t think it would have been possible without momma’s love.

I already did
I already did