He Spots A Stray Begging For Food, But He Never Imagined The Dog Would Do THIS…

I wander what the life story of this adorable dog is, because I’m almost positive he wasn’t stray his whole life. Once upon a time he had a family.

His name is White and he lives at this gas station somewhere in Eastern Europe or Russia. Most customers know him as a friendly and lovable pooch, but when this guy came to him to say Hello, he did something amazing. The smart dog showed that he was probably trained some time ago but somehow ended up here, doing tricks for random people’s scraps. If I knew where this gas station was, I’d take him in no time even if I had 100 dogs.

Do you know something that might help us locate this dog? Language, country? Share this with your friends and lets find someone who does.

I already did
I already did