Funny Pup Throws The Biggest Hissy Fit, And It Has The Groomer In Stitches

Oreo, the 11-week-old puppy is still new to getting groomed, and apparently she still can’t understand why they need to interrupt her nap time to make her look pretty. Unlike most pups, Oreo is not afraid to make her opinion heard and throws the most adorable tantrum ever. She sounds like a little kid calling her mama, LOL.

“Oreo has such personality and we had been playing with her all morning,” says Bobbie Lee, who helps run the service from her husband’s vet clinic. “When [we] began grooming her she started this uncoaxed.”

Scroll down to see what the fuss was all about.

After all of the drama, Oreo’s looking great with her new ‘do!

I already did
I already did