His Senior Dog Can No Longer Walk On His Own. How Dad Treats Him Will Bring You To TEARS!

With all the love we get from our dogs it’s only human to give the same amount of love in return.

I’m sure this elderly dog shared lots of adventures with his dad back in the day, but now when years have gone by and there’s no more strength in the old pooch’s legs, he has to rely on his human for his daily walks. We do say “walks” but how does a dog get his walks if he’s unable to stand on his legs? What his dad came up with is the ultimate gesture of love. These two seniors and inseparable friends can be seen in the local park daily and they deserve every bit of attention they get.

This video made me cry, it made me cry happy tears for all the love in it and sad tears after realizing that it all must come to an end some day soon.

I already did
I already did