She Starts Dancing To “All About That Bass,” Now Watch What Her Horse Does… I’m CRYING!

Meghan Trainor’s Grammy Award winning hit “All About That Bass” taught us that we should all love our bodies and since it got out it got millions of fans, but I never even realized that among all of them, there was a very extraordinary one.

This girl went into her stable and began dancing to the popular song, but the most amazing thing happened when she pointed to the horse.

It seems that the adorable giant shares the same taste in music with its owner. After all, it does weigh few hundred pounds and wears them proudly, lol.

Bringing booty back, this chestnut beauty can’t help but dance along to the beat of this catchy song. Her owner dances around and then points to the horse and says “back to you” as he then proceeds to… Well, I’ll let you watch the video. It’s too good to spoil.

I already did
I already did