Years After Rescue Their Eyes Meet For One Last Time — Ignoring All Warnings, The Chimp Grabs Her.

Thanks to the wonderful people like Jane Goodall, animals get a second chance of survival and living a normal life. At her Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo, this amazing woman gives all the necessary care to the chimpanzees that suffered any kind of trauma and does her best so they could be released into the wild. She’s a saint and a superhero and her animals know it.

This is a special story about the 15th chimpanzee that Jane Goodall has saved, named Wounda, who was in a very bad condition and on verge of dying. It took superhuman efforts but she survived. Wounda got better and when she fully recovered she was able go back to the forest. This video captures the moment of her release but also the amazing love that exists between a woman that saved her life and the grateful ape.

You have to see the moment when they said their goodbyes. Grab a tissue!

I already did
I already did