Kitten Stuck In Jar Gets Rescued In This INCREDIBLE Nail Biting Video

They always say curiosity killed the cat, but it came too close to being true for this inquisitive kitty. These guys found a stray kitten wandering around with a glass jar stuck on his head. The cutie must have been hungry and got his head inside going for the leftovers of whatever was in that jar. Unfortunately, it must have become swollen and there was no way of getting out.

By the time these guys found it, the kitty was already weak and hungry and had to be released immediately. Using the only tool they got handy, an ordinary hammer, they methodically broke down the jar and set the cat free. The heavy hammer and glass shards so close to his head make this one of the most nail biting rescues I’ve seen.

This is just a reminder for all of us to rinse out the cans, jars and other food containers and to always put the lid on. I’m sure glad this baby got out of the whole incident unharmed.

I already did
I already did