Grieving Soldier Refuses To Leave Dog’s Side, Honors Loyal Service In Sweetest Way

Bodza the German Shepherd started his career as a bomb sniffing K-9 in 2006. Since then the hero pup has saved hundreds of US troops in Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Kuwait, and in 2012 met a handler that would become his lifelong friend. Kyle Smith and Bodza spent six months together relying on each other every step of the way and when Bodza retired, Smith did the only natural thing, he adopted the canine veteran.

Unfortunately, in 2016 Bodza was diagnosed with a progressive spinal disease. He was in lots of pain and soon he barely able to stand on his own, let alone walk. They both knew the end was near, but when the moment came, Kyle did something that will make you wanna stand up and salute.

What a loving, moving tribute to a fallen hero and a friend

I already did
I already did