Mom Instructs Dog To Bring The Cat Home. How He Does It Made Me Laugh Till I Cried

If you’re one of those cat owners whose feline friend often wanders off for hour and days on end, you may want to invest it one of these cat retriever pups. They come in many sizes and even this micro version gets the job done so efficiently it made me laugh out loud.

Of course, cats are not one of those pets who’d just come home on command, but watch what happens when mom tells this dog to bring the cat back home. If you thought he’d talk some sense into the escapee, you’d be wrong, cats don’t listen to dogs either. There only one way of doing it.

How the heck?? First off, how does the dog understand his job is to get the cat? Secondly, how does the dog get the cat to cooperate with this cat delivery caper? Amazing!

Did you like the ingenious way the pup brought his canine buddy back? Share your thoughts in the comments below and share this hilarious video with your friends.

I already did
I already did