Little Girl Plays Hide And Seek With A Giant Dog. This Is Just Too Cute!

When you take a dog’s tracking abilities into consideration, playing hide and seek with one sounds like a one sided affair. They can find a rabbit in a huge forest, what chance have you got?

This little girl still wanted to try and outsmart her huge, mellow Newfoundland, Sebastian. You think he’ll be able to find a two year old who’s hiding just a few feet away.

The way Sebastian gives her the satisfaction by actually snooping around the wrong spots is so endearing, you just wanna snuggle him. He’s actually actively not doing his best. That’s exactly what a family member would do. I don’t know if I’m more impressed by that or the fact this family owns white furniture and a black dog.

We don’t feature to many Newfoundlands here, but they’re actually amazing dogs and Sebastian seems loved.

That little girl is having an awesome childhood.

I already did
I already did