See That Door? A Dog That This Man Lost 8 Years Ago Is About To Walk Through It

Joshua Edwards was the proud owner of a young rottweiler named Duke, but tragedy struck one day when he left Duke out in the yard for a short while only to find him gone upon his return.

Edwards was determined to find Duke, but after eight long fruitless years of searching, he began to give up hope of ever seeing his beloved dog again.

All that changed on May 5, 2015, however, when a pet chip company called Edwards and told him they’d found a dog named Duke who was registered to him.

The Good samaritan took the dog to Tamiami Animal Hospital, where they checked him for a microchip. The chip linked back to Joshua, who in the meantime had gotten another dog he named Duke Jr., and who had also became a dog trainer. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect what came next.

It was a miracle out of nowhere, and in the video below, you’ll see the moment that Duke was finally reunited with his owner.

Watch the video and see what happens when they are finally reunited!

I already did
I already did