Mom Introduces A Tiny Guinea Pig To Her Disabled Dog. The Pup’s Reaction Stunned Everyone!

Life hasn’t been easy for Rex, an elderly disabled Boxer pup. He’s been suffering from degenerative condition that requires him to use doggy wheelchair wherever he goes. No jumping in tall grass, no playing in the snow.

Up until recently, the only playmate Rex could share all of his favorite activities with was a dog with the same condition but when they died, Rex got depressed. He was lonely and it seemed the senior pooch had lost his spark.

Desperate to get her beloved pet to his old self, his mom decided to try something unusual. Her solution was a new friend, not a dog, but a rodent, and she had no idea how the two would get along.

She rescued a guinea pig named S’mores and introduced the two together and to her surprise the two hit it off immediately. The way Rex reacted to his unusual friend was incredible. In the matter of days they became so inseparable they had to fit his wheelchair with a tiny bed so S’mores could go with him on walks and hikes.

Guinea pigs are by nature calm and friendly, so S’mores felt right at home in the little pouch because it meant they would get to spend even more time together. It didn’t take long and Rex was back to his old self, happy and full of life.

You will love this.

I already did
I already did