Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Baby Out Of The Water To Let Boaters Pet Her

There’s whale watching and then there’s THIS. This is as good as it gets for all whale lovers out there and it shows just how amazing these gentle giants really are.

A group of boaters thought they had an experience of a lifetime when a gray whale mom come so close to their boat they could almost touch her. After she made sure the humans meant no harm she did something I’ve never seen in my life – she propped her calf on her back and lifted it out of the water so the people could pet it too.

It’s like she was saying “Look how cute my baby is”. I guess humans are not the only species proud of their offspring.

I just hope that this encounter won’t give this beautiful family a false sense of security. It’s a fact that humans are dangerous and even though this particular bunch was friendly, there are people out there who won’t think twice before killing them.

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I already did
I already did