This Horse Is All Bundled Up And Ready For Christmas, And He’s Ridiculously Cute!

Everything is getting ready for Christmas, the tree is decorated and the light are lit, the only thing you need to really feel the festive spirit is a pony wearing a Christmas onesie… This is “melt your heart” adorable.

The dapper pony you’ll see in the video below is Daffy. Unfortunately, apart from tree and presents, Christmas comes with cold weather too. For most of us it’s not a problem, but for Daffy whose stables aren’t equipped with fire places that can be a problem.

Usually, he gets warmed up with a boring store bought outfit, but this year they decided to make him extra adorable.

They hired the best people pony fashion industry had to offer in order to create the Christmas onesie, although many people keep calling it “foursie” or “ponesie”. Either way you name it I really hope this tradition catches on because this is simple too cute.

Let’s hope Daffy respects the spirit of Christmas and doesn’t… impurify that cute Onesie, LOL.

Take a look.

I already did
I already did