This Picky Dog Won’t Eat Her Dry Food, So Dad Came Up With A Solution…

Luna the Golden Retriever has always been a picky eater. And to be fair, why should she eat dry food when her human eats warm home cooked meals, they taste way better.

No matter what brand of dog food her owner gets her, Luna would just stare at it until dad came up with a solution to make it taste as good as if it was prepared by a top chef.

He figured out that Luna preferred her meals cooked, so every time she starts to fuss about what’s on the menu he takes her bowl and “heats” her food in the oven. Of course, by heating it up, we mean putting it inside of an oven an setting a timer without actually turning it on. As far as Luna’s concerned, she’d seen humans do it with the food they eat, it must be what makes it taste so delicious.

All of a sudden it was like the most delicious dish of doggy cuisine… You gotta love this pup, she knows what she likes, she just lacks the basic understanding of how kitchen appliances work 🙂

Hey, Luna may seem like a diva, but as strange as this routine is, it’s still nothing compared to quirks some dogs can have. Does your dog demands weird things like this? Let us know down in the comments.

I already did
I already did