He Tells The Pup That He Looks Handsome. The Puppy’s Response? OMG!

How about this for your daily dose of cuteness. The French Bulldog in this video is the prime example why so many people in the world adore them. That face, the sass… How could you not love them

This adorable pup just got a new bandana from his dad, but when dad tried to give him a compliment how good he looks wearing it, it seems this cutie pie got just a little bit embarrassed.

Oh, how hard it is being modest. The bandana is almost as big as the little dog – but that doesn’t stop him from answering the question with style!

Or, at least trying to let his dad know that of course, he looks handsome! He’s such an adorable character, the new accessory suits him perfectly… and lets be honest here, the dog is not the only one who’s handsome in this video.

I already did
I already did