Ever Seen A Puppy Throw A Temper Tantrum? The Little Pup In This Video Sure Does…

I think someone needs a nap.

This is Elvis. This video of him throwing a hissy fit with his momma was seen more than 22 million times and it’s worth each view it got.

Elvis was born with a cleft palette, but after a little bit of medical treatment and some tender loving care from his mama, Patches, he is showing signs of becoming a classically stubborn and feisty English Bulldog.

He required extra attention until he was on solid food, but what he lacks in physical perfection, he makes up for in personality.

While this behavior is adorable, we of course want to caution to dog owners to also be aware that too much of this stubborn yet adorable behavior should be moderated!

Regardless, it’s still a hoot to appreciate the strong instincts of this fantastic breed coming out of such a tiny little body.

I’ve never heard this kind of a puppy ‘chirp’ before.

Currently Elvis is living with a veterinarian who helped care for his cleft lip and always wanted a white bulldog. I hope she’s aware of his “character”, lol. Either way, he’s just adorable.

I already did
I already did