She Heard Her Baby Crying In The Crib. When She Entered The Room, She Was Shocked By What She Saw

When this couple got their baby girl Laura they were worried how she and their Beagle Charlie would get along. It turned out they had nothing to worry about because only days after she was born it was clear that Charlie would do anything for her. However, they couldn’t even imagine how far this pup would go to make his baby human feel better.

One night when Laura started crying her parents look around and realized Charlie was nowhere to be found. but when they entered the baby’s room, this is what they saw. The clever dog was up before mom and dad and he sneaked in to make sure this little bundle of joy was okay.

Charlie’s been doing his routine ever since and the parent say the girl even prefer being rocked to sleep by her canine babysitter than her parents.

I already did
I already did