Smart Monkey Builds Himself A Fire So He Can Roast Some Marshmallows

It’s a well-known fact that monkeys and primates are very smart animals and that their abilities are very similar to our own. But this video completely blew my mind and I couldn’t believe what this amazing Bonobo can do.

Kanzi is one truly incredible monkey. He enjoys marshmallows so much his love for them made him learn how to roast them. This intelligent Bonobo knows how to gather dry twigs and kindling, but the tricky part is how to build a fire out of them. Well, that’s what’s so incredible about this… he learned how to light the matches too AND eventually how to toast the marshmallows!

Some people would find a way to abuse a powerful tool like fire, but Kanzi, he just wants to chill.

I already did
I already did