Hundreds Of Horses Stranded On An Island Faced Certain Death, Until These Women Did The UNTHINKABLE!

This incredible story of how several people rescued hundreds of horses from certain death has been around for a while but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that mankind sometimes can be awesome.

Back in 2006 a huge storm in Netherlands got more than 200 horses stranded on a tiny patch of dry land completely cut off by the water. There was no food and the initial rescue attempts failed because boats would get stuck in the sand. Finally they found an innovative way to get them to safety with 4 female riders and it’s the most epic thing ever.

The horses were stranded for three days. As wind and icy rain blasted them, they huddled together with their rear ends facing the wind. Finally on the third day, the great rescue was made.

The video of the horse rescue is incredibly moving. The combination of the horse footage and music will bring happy tears to any horse lover’s eyes.

This video has been around awhile but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look at. Every once in awhile mankind shows us it has a heart!

The sound starts about a minute into the video.

I already did
I already did