The Manul Cat Is The Most Expressive Cat In The World

Manul, or more commonly known as Pallas’ cats are a near-threatened wild species found in the grasslands of Central Asia. Biologists and conservationists don’t know much about these cats. Due to dwindling numbers and a solitary nature, it’s rare to see one in the wild. They are distinguished by having round pupils, short legs, and a flat-looking face with wide-set ears that can create some of the funniest expressions in the feline kingdom.

The Pallas’ cats high-elevation habitat of up to 5,000m (more than 16,000ft) results in a weakened immune system from lack of exposure to viral infections. For this reason, survival rates are low in captivity, and new litters see a mortality rate of up to 45%, so keeping them as pets is not an option.










I already did
I already did