Their Cat Came Home Bringing Her Special Friend – Who Follows In Will Melt Your Heart!

I’m pretty sure that if I saw a deer coming in through my doggie door, I would be the one frozen in headlights.

I don’t think that grabbing my phone to catch a video would even cross my mind.

Kitties bring a lot of different stuff into the house, they consider it a gift and they usually bring dead mice, birds, bugs and even leaves. Sure it makes a mess and it sometimes gives you a proper scare but you must understand that is a sign of their appreciation.

This little cat didn’t bring a gift however, she brought a friend over. I can only imagine the look on the home owner’s face when they saw who was coming through that little cat flap.

Sure you can expect some wildlife encounters when you live near the woods, but I don’t think anyone expects something like this barging into a house. This I’ve never seen before. If a deer can fit through that, I suggest they check for raccoons, skunks and other smaller animals as well, LOL.

I just hope this house does not belong to a hunter.

I already did
I already did