These 29 Dogs Just Met Their New Human Siblings

Is there anything more precious than that first moment of affection between a dog and its new human sibling? Here are 29 moments that are sure to tug on your heartstrings…

1) “My new cuddle buddy!”

2) “She’s so tiny!”

3) “We have something in common already!”

4) “I’ll keep an eye on things.”

5) “I’ll just watch it for a while…”

6) “Mommy isn’t the only one that loves you!”

7) Boop!

8) Wow, a new baby AND a new pillow!”

9) “You ready to play yet?”

10) “This baby is mine!”

11) “Umm… what is it?”

12) “Let me get a good sniff…”

13) “I must be lucky, because I got TWO!”

14) “Is it all mine?”

15) “Doesn’t really look like me, but I still love it!”

16) “It’s bigger than me already!”

17) “I think it likes me!”

18) “That sure doesn’t sound like a bark…”

19) “Don’t even think about it.”

20) “I think it wants a treat…”

21) “I got this!”

22) “I only have one eye, but that’s all I need!”

23) “So warm. So cuddly.”

24) “I’ll NEVER let go…”

25) “I’ll keep this hairless creature warm.”

26) “Okay, now you watch me while I nap!”

27) “What’s that smell??”

28) “So, how big’s this one gonna get?”

29) “You did good picking out this one!”

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