They Bring A Sick Stray Kitten Home. When They Introduce Her To Their Dog, I’m In Tears!

Here’s a story of a special little kitty that goes by the name Seven of Nine.

She got her unusual name because she’s used up 2 of her nine lives, one because she was the only surviving kitten of her litter and the second one when she took a tumble off the roof of a house and ended up with Murkin’s owner who just happened to be a vet.

From the first time Murkin and Seven of Nine met it was love at first sight. Even though Seven suffers from a condition that affects her balance, she’s loved so much she doesn’t even know she’s different.

She does everything you’d expect a kitten to do, play, groom and even use her litter box, it’s just that she falls sometimes, which if you ask me, only makes her more adorable.

I already did
I already did