This Dog Was Tied Up In A Crate Her Whole Life. Now Watch How She Reacts To Being Petted…

I’ve seen hundreds of dog rescues over the years and they all managed to touch me in some way but some stories hurt more than others and Sarah’s story is one of those that you won’t be able to forget.

Before Sarah was rescued by P.E.T.A. she spent most of her life in a solitary confinement outdoors, yearning for human touch. As badly as they treated her, her owners admitted they felt that she needs human contact but thought she was too yucky and so they kept her on a short chain. Luckily she’ll never have to spend another day with them.

After being taken away from them and learning what love is for the first time in her life, Sarah miraculously recovered and you won’t believe what a lovely dog she is.

I already did
I already did