Two Talking Cats Have World’s Most Adorable Conversation

Okay, that’s it. I think I found the cutest video on the Internet.

Just saying that these kittens are having a conversation is not doing it justice because it’s not just talking or meowing… it’s a whole range of chirping and meowing and whispering that I can’t help but go “Aww!”

I expected to hear them arguing and hissing, but these aren’t that kind of cats. What I think is going on is a whole lot of pillow talk and with the Valentine’s day getting close, it’s just the thing I need to see. Spread the love and kitty cuteness and SHARE this with your friends. <3

The video went viral and dozens of parody videos popped up in the months after that. If you want to know what they REALLY talk about, you can check out the translation below. It’s hilarious

I already did
I already did