Can’t Look At Valais Blacknose Sheep Without Wanting To Hug Them!

The creature you’re about to see below is probably the only animal cutie still undiscovered by the Internet. Every animal page you go to there’s bunch of cats, dog, owls, baby elephants, deer etc. but the chances are you’ve never even heard of Valais Blacknose Sheep and they’re just adorable.

They originate from Switzerland and on first glance they don’t even look real. Many people have mistaken them for a well-crafted felt project, they’re just that cute. Their most notable features – a black face, black ears, black knees and legs. The rest of their coat is stringy, white and unbelievably fluffy; you’d just want to cuddle up with them.

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When you first see them they look like plush toys


Their home is the Valais region of Switzerland


Awww, I want one


Look like the perfect cuddle buddies


They’re just adorable


I already did
I already did