When You See What This Dog Is Looking For, You Won’t Stop Smiling…

Pet owners have seen the attachments that their pets have had with certain toys. It’s their one and only, and they carry these toys everywhere with them. They seem to provide these animals with a sense of comfort that they can’t find anywhere else. But sometimes those toys get dirty and smelly, and have to be put through the wash so that they won’t continue to stink up your house.

The toy for this golden retriever is a tiny stuffed teddy bear, and it’s recently been put through the laundry. Now that it’s all dry, it’s just waiting for someone else to come and take it out. Instead, the pooch decides to do it himself, as he can’t be bothered to wait for a human to rescue his beloved teddy. So he sticks his head right into the dryer and pulls out his beloved toy.

 Take a look at this video!

I already did
I already did