Baby Deer Walks Up To A Little Girl. Her Reaction? Adorable!

There aren’t many people in the world who get to experience this. Sure there was this guy we shared a few days ago, but this little girl meeting a fawn is a whole new level of cuteness.

The girl named Maya and her family just returned home from a trip when a tiny baby deer emerged from a nearby woods and came forward to introduce itself while its mom was probably resting and recovering from giving birth.

Unaware of how dangerous humans can be, the baby never left Maya’s side until she led him to the forest where it must have caught a scent of its real mom and took off. Maya’s dad said that couple of weeks later they saw a doe with a fawn in the area and that he’s pretty confident this cutie is going to be just fine.

I’m sure mom taught him everything about humans by now, but still this moment these two babies shared is too precious.

I already did
I already did